“The mountains melt like wax before the Lord,
    before the Lord of all the earth.
The heavens proclaim his righteousness,
    and all peoples see his glory.”

Psalm 97:5-6

If you’re keeping tabs on the state of the world, you’ll see that humans are broken creatures. We’re, in a word, wicked. And, though we try, we appear unable to save ourselves. Fortunately, two thousand years ago, God took on flesh and saved us Himself. 

In the body of a man named Jesus, He overcame sin, winning freedom for all who believe in Him. There’s transformational, life-saving power in Jesus. Then God Moved is a collection of stories that showcase that power. 

We’ve seen that the supernatural, mountain-moving God of the Bible is alive today. Unfortunately, within many communities, including some churches, God’s supernatural movement is considered mythical or, at best, a past reality.

We hope to address this through the circulation of testimonies. God is continually moving in shocking, unexplainable ways, but news of His movement is often only shared among believers. So, while we pray that these stories encourage other Christians, we also hope to share with those who have not heard.

It is our prayer that these stories provoke thought, stir hearts, and encourage.