I Was a Unbeliever Until a Physical Miracle Brought Me to My Knees

Bernice, 43, The Netherlands

My family had the appearance of a loving Christian home, but that was a lie. My father’s abuse took many forms, primarily emotional and physical. I suffered a lot myself, but I also spent years watching him hurt my mom. Before I’d even reached age 12, I’d fled home and was living on the streets. 

By this point, any childhood interest in God was gone. My experiences with my father had completely distorted my understanding of God the Father. I simply could not imagine a good God. So I coped in other ways. With time, I got hooked on heroin and also began dabbling in the occult. I was eventually placed in a children’s home, where I was repeatedly raped and eventually impregnated. At first, the pregnancy pulled me into a depression. But when I saw my baby on the ultrasound, something clicked. For the first time, I felt that I had purpose…for once, I was needed. 

I quit the drugs cold turkey. I also began reading Scripture, but my heart was still far from the Lord. I was unable to see myself the way He saw me and as a result, things turned for the worse. After my daughter’s birth, I had a string of unhealthy and violent relationships; one of the men hit me so hard that I lost all sight in my left eye. The abuse also left me with severe head damage and bowel issues. Before long, I was back on the street, hooked on drugs. 

But then, God changed everything. In 2015, a preacher I’d been in contact with offered to pray for me and I agreed. And thank God I did! During that prayer, God performed the most incredible miracle: my sight returned and the pain in my body disappeared! I’d always known God was real, but this totally blew my mind. My boyfriend — who was an atheist at the time — was just amazed as I was! That same day, we both gave our lives to Jesus.

Since then, the Lord has totally transformed us! Not only has God given me a godly and healthy marriage, but He’s empowered me to forgive and even love the people who hurt me. He’s given me His love, peace of mind, knowledge of the Word, and a husband who loves the Lord with me! I was so lost, but now I’m found…our God is a miracle worker!

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