When My Husband Went to Prison, My Life Fell Apart. Then, Christ Gave Me New Life.

Asia, 42, Maryland, USA

“Four years into our marriage, my husband went on trial for murder. When he was found guilty, my world fell apart. I tried to make the relationship despite him being locked up, but after a few years, we divorced. I’d always promised myself that my kids would have a present, available father; he wouldn’t be incarcerated, like my father was. But here I was, a single 26-year-old mother of two…with another one on the way. 

I tried to lean on the Lord, but as the years passed, I began to drift away. I surrounded myself with worldly people and began spending time in ungodly environments. I began dating around and eventually met a guy who seemed perfect for me. We had good chemistry and could laugh and talk about anything. He didn’t know Jesus, but because I was so far from Him myself, I didn’t even care.

Gradually, our relationship grew toxic. It was a real love and hip hop type of relationship. There was arguing, cheating, mental and emotional abuse, and of course, sex. From the beginning, I heard the Lord tell me that I deserved better. But I was convinced that my boyfriend could change…so I stayed. 

After an entire decade of this, God commanded me to let the relationship go. I remember thinking that I didn’t have the strength to leave — I was always drawn back. Then, out of the blue, I got an Instagram message from my pastor: “It’s time for you to change your life.” I was surprised, because she never texted me like that. She then sent a second message: “It’s time to let him go.” When I started to respond, the message disappeared. I asked if she’d just sent me a message…and she said no. The message was from the Lord and I knew it. 

I called the guy and told him we were done. I blocked his number, asked God to break the soul tie, and rededicated my life to Christ. As I began reading the Bible and fellowshipping with other believers, the Lord changed my entire worldview. I am now abstinent and will remain so until marriage.  I realized the way I was living my life deeply affected my kids. I’m so thankful that God loved me enough to save me; in doing so, He’s changed my life and the lives of my kids. The cycle of incarceration and broken relationships has been broken — not by me or my efforts, but by the Blood of Christ.”

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” -John 8:36

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