Growing Up, I Hid Behind the “Preacher’s Kid” Label. Then, as an Adult, the Lord Took Me Deeper.

Ashley, 30, California, USA

As a pastor’s kid, I grew up doubting that I had a testimony to share. I didn’t have a dramatic conversion, so I often feared that I wasn’t relatable. Then, I left for college. My mother warned me about the enemy’s attacks, but I lacked wisdom. I partied a lot, slacked off in school, failed a class, made excuses, fell in love, had my heart broken, and so much more. In the end, God used that season to show me the condition of my heart.

What I saw wasn’t pretty — I was selfish and arrogant. I had hidden behind the “preacher’s kid” label, thinking I knew all of the answers, but I actually had no clue how to rightly apply the word of God. I was actively rebelling against the wisdom my parents had poured into me. I repented, for the first time in my life; finally my faith became my own. 

As my faith grew, it was also tested. My senior year, I was rejected by every single graduate program to which I applied. I was depressed, to say the least. I ended up moving home, where I got involved with our family’s church. One night, my father overheard me leading a Bible study. As he later told me, he immediately felt that I had the gift of teaching. From that point on, he began asking if I thought I was called to teach; my answer was always a firm “no.” But the Lord worked in my heart, too, and at age 24, I answered the call. I’ve been teaching young adults ever since.

The wisdom and boldness I once lacked, I seek to instill in my students. Each day, I seek God’s face for opportunities to equip and edify them with the biblical tools necessary to fearlessly preach the Gospel. I don’t want them to doubt God’s calling on their lives or fall away due to pride, as I once did. The youth are our generation’s leaders and I plan on seeing us walk in victory!

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