I Was 8 Years Into Witchcraft When The Holy Spirit Opened My Eyes

Christina, 26, Florida, USA

I began practicing witchcraft in high school. It began when I saw a pentagram hanging around a friend’s neck. “Isn’t that evil?” I asked. “Not always,” he replied. As he began explaining his practices, I found myself intrigued. I’d always been interested in film depictions of witchcraft; moreover, I had nothing stopping me. I was not only a non-Christian…I hated Christianity — both the institution of the Church and its people. No one explicitly told me to hate it, but I’d learned to hate it from what I saw in the media. What my friend was describing seemed like an incredible alternative to organized religion. Why submit to a higher power when I could have the power for myself?

After a little bit of research, I bought Tarot cards and learned how to cast spells. I began practicing “white magic,” under the guise that I was doing good. I immediately fell in love with the quick results — the instant gratification. Before long, everyone at school knew I was a witch.

As I got deeper into my practices, I began developing a host of mental health problems. I grew depressed, bitter, and also began battling a number of addictions, including weed, alcohol, and sex. I also felt this constant dark presence hovering around me. In hindsight, this is all so clearly an attack from Satan; but at the time, I simply chalked it up to “bad energy.” I tried all of the “new age” remedies…I cleansed the room with sage and cast all sorts of spells, but these attempts only made things worse. Still, I refused to associate the darkness I felt with what I was doing. I refused to believe that white magic was anything but good. 

After eight years of darkness, God moved. I was on YouTube, like always, when a video titled “Proof the New Age Movement is Satanic” popped up in my “Up Next” recommendations section. I laughed when I saw it and decided to watch it simply to mock it and pick it apart. But, God got the last laugh, because the satanic origins of the New Age were made apparent. When I heard 2 Corinthians 11:14 — “For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” — my eyes were opened. Looking back, I can see that the Holy Spirit was there, softening my heart. As soon as the video ended, I was overwhelmed by the fear of the Lord. I’d never felt anything like it — again, I hated the mere concept of the God of the Bible. I’d never believed in Hell or the Christian concept of Heaven, but now I had this overwhelming sense of reverence for the Lord and concern for my soul. “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?” I thought. 

I filled two large trash bags with my crystals, cards, and other occultic items and threw them out. Desperate to know more about the Lord, I dove into His word. I was so fascinated by this God, who had appeared to me even after I’d hated and blasphemed Him for so many years. The more I read, the more I saw how deeply deceived I’d been. My past hatred for Christianity made total sense: I’d been in the darkness and I loved the darkness. I didn’t want Christ’s light to expose me, but the Bible exposed everything! God’s movement during that season was incredible. It still amazes me. 

When I started speaking about my new faith, people were shocked. For all of my adult years, witchcraft had been everything — everything I was and everything I believed in. Now, I not only wanted nothing to do with witchcraft, but I was even more passionate about Christ than I had ever been about the new age!

My life changed drastically. As God purified me and rid me of my bitterness and addictions, I found space for love. I got married about a year ago. Two months ago, we welcomed our son into the world. It’s been so amazing to grow in faith and dedication to Christ alongside my husband. We’re just so excited to raise our son in the way of the Lord. 

I don’t have the words to explain how good God has been to me. I don’t deserve it. But despite our own unworthiness, His goodness is available to us all! I often think about Matthew 7:7: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find.” If they seek the truth, you will find the Lord. You will find the evidence. I spent eight years trying to find another way…trust me: Jesus is the only way. You can try to live by some eclectic mixture of faiths, but there’s no stability or ground there. With Christ, there is historical evidence. Even now, seemingly in the end times, there is assurance, wisdom, and truth. Jesus stands the test of time — He is the solid rock.

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