My Taxi Was Just a Taxi, Then God Made It My Ministry

Jenny, Portland, Maine, USA


[as told to Then God Moved editor Adira Polite]

Seven years ago, I had a dream that transformed my life. In this dream, I was driving my taxi through town, like I always do. Suddenly, the wheel and brakes stopped responding. The car sped ahead full-throttle and eventually went airborne. The car landed with a splash — I was in a body of water. Before I knew it, I was outside of the cab, floating in the deep. I faced my taxi and saw that it was also floating. It hadn’t sunk even a bit.

I woke up so confused. Then, I heard God say, “I’ve baptized you.” 

“I’ve already been baptized,” I thought. Then it dawned on me that He’d baptized my taxi! It became clear that taxiing was to be my ministry. I dedicated my profession to God that day and He’s been using me like crazy ever since. He’s given me so many opportunities to pray over the sick and the afflicted. Mind you, I’ve never pushed prayer on anyone; I simply offer prayer and time and time again, riders eagerly accept.

God has been faithful in granting me supernatural knowledge of riders’ needs. Someone will get in the car and I’ll call out their predicament by name. I’ve probably freaked a few people out! For instance, as soon as this one guy got in, I knew he had a hernia. He confirmed that he did and accepted my offer of prayer. We prayed. By the end of the ride, his pain was completely gone! 

My healing abilities are God-given and foretold in Scripture. Referring to “those who believe,” Jesus said, “They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed” (Mark 16:18). I’ve witnessed many sudden healings, but it’s not always immediate. I’ve prayed over people and had them track me down days later to share the news of their healing.

God also uses me to aid the spiritually afflicted. Not too long ago, I was parked at McDonald’s when a woman appeared and asked for a ride to the hospital. I immediately sensed a dark energy in her. The darkness manifested in her face, making her hard to look at. There was this deep, deep ugliness. She had no money, but I knew God wanted me to drive her. 

We talked the whole ride to the hospital and she detailed various physical ailments. When we arrived, I asked if she’d like me to pray for her. She said yes. I asked if I could lay my hands on her and she again said yes. As soon as I touched her, I felt a dark energy moving beneath her skin. As I prayed, God showed up big time. He gave me crazy insight into this woman’s life and I was able to call out and cast out her demons my name. Bitterness and mockery were the last to go. 

By the time we finished, the woman was smiling and crying happy tears. Her face looked completely different; the ugliness and the hardness was gone. Her eyes, I remember, were so soft. Her beauty was now so apparent.

I love my ministry, but it does come with hardship. Scripture warns us about persecution and I’ve experienced my fair share. I actually got fired from my last taxi job for praying with a customer. The day it happened, I was praying with an autistic man. The other rider complained to my boss and my boss told me I had to stop praying on rides. I told her I couldn’t do that, so she let me go.

I walked away from that job with $300 to my name, but I knew God would provide. I waited for two months and I had two opportunities fall through. Then, as usual, God sent me a dream. I was in a bright white room with three white doors. There was white tape over two of the doors. I was closest to the third door, which was not taped. Behind that third door, someone was knocking. 

When I woke up, I knew that the two taped doors represented the two opportunities that had passed me by. The white tape, then, represented God closing those doors. I knew that the third door, the third opportunity, would come knocking.

Soon after, I snagged an interview with a Portland taxi company run by a believer. He wanted to hire me on the spot, but we ran into problems with insurance. He told me that he’d be in touch. A few days later, I dreamt that I was walking around Portland’s historic district. When I woke up, I knew that the manager would call me that day. Sure enough, he called that afternoon. “I haven’t forgotten about the insurance issue,” he started. Then, the kicker:  “I’m still knocking on their door.” A half hour later, he told me I could start the next day.

Taxiing is my calling; no man can take it away from me. Persecution comes, but my God cannot be shaken. So, if God puts a calling on your life, you can trust that He’ll will see it through to the end. He’s not like us — He cannot fail. He can’t do anything but win! He defies the odds, all laws of nature. With Him, a taxi in water does not sink. God wins; and as his vessels, we get to win, too.

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